L-Stream Ltd” manages a broad range of vessels, owned by high profile market leading companies, requiring professional, effective and highly motivated crew. We’re continuously looking for individuals who can contribute as the company grows and diversifies. If you would like to work in a happy environment with a strong safety culture, as part of an effective team working successfully towards our common goals, please get in touch.

To  apply  for  a position on board  please  fill up the attached form and send to:

For now we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the interest that you have shown in our company.

Application forms for job

L-Stream Ltd DRY FLEET Deck officer Кликните по ссылке, чтобы скачать анкету L-Stream Ltd DRY FLEET Eng Engineer Officer Кликните по ссылке, чтобы скачать анкету L-Stream Ltd BULK FLEET DECK OFFICER Кликните по ссылке, чтобы скачать анкету L-Stream Ltd BULK FLEET ENG OFFICER       Кликните по ссылке, чтобы скачать анкету L-Stream Ltd WET FLEET OFFICER               Кликните по ссылке, чтобы скачать анкету L-Stream Ltd Offshore Rating                            Кликните по ссылке, чтобы скачать анкету L-Stream Ltd DRY Fleet Rating Кликните по ссылке, чтобы скачать анкету
Оpen positionSizeDate of joiningTerms (months)Dwt (mt)Additional infoType of MEOwnersWages
2nd EngCape Size15.10.204183,000Man B&WGermanyas per COE
MasterHandy size20.10.20458,240 Man B&WSingapore9000 usd
Chief engPanamax28.10.20483,200Man B&WGermanyas per COE
Chief engHandy Size07.11.20457,200Man B&WGermanyas per COE
Chief engSupramax21.10.20462,000ME Experiences MAN B&W MESingapore9000 usd
Chief engLake Size12.11.20444,500ME ExperiencesMAN B&W MEGermanyas per COE
2nd engPanamax27.11.20475,000 ME Experiences Man B&W MEGermanyas per COE
2nd engCape size19.11.204178,400Man B&WGermanyas per COE
3rd engPanamax19.10.205 +/-181,709with ME experiencesMan B&W MEGermany as per COE
Chief offPanamax10.11.20482,230Germanyas per COE
3rd EngHandy size18.11.204-558,733Spore4750 usd
Chief officerHandy size25.11.204-556,900Germanyas per COE
Chief officerCape Size18.11.204178,780Germanyas per COE
3rd engineerHandy Size11.10.205 +/-153,502Man B&WGermanyas per COE
4th engineerHandy Size10.11.205 +/-156,800Wartsila RT FlexGermanyas per COE
 3rd officerHandy Size14.11.205 +/-162,,700Wartsila Rt FlexGermanyas per COE
2nd officerHandy Size10.10.205 +/-145,000Germanyas per COE

Оpen positionSizeDate of joiningTerms (months)Dwt (mt)Additional infoType of MEOwnersWages
Chief  engineerVLCC20.11.204-1 3142003 years in rank Man B&WNorway/ S’poreAs per Matrix
Chief engineerChemical tanker18.10.204350003 years in rank Man B&WS’pore$13-14 K
Chief engineerOil tanker28.10.20475,0003 years in rankMan B&WGermany11,700 euro
Chief officerChemical tanker18.10.20435,0003 years in rankMan B&WS’pore$12k
Chief officerChemical tanker15.11.208 weeks on/8 weeks off47003 years in rankDanish6900 euro +
2nd engineerChemical tanker17.11.206 weeks on/6 weeks off7500dittoWartsilaGermany8100 euro
2nd engineerChemical tanker30.10.206 weeks on/6 weeks off9,200dittoMan B&WGermany8100 euro
2nd officerChemical tanker28.10.202/2 months7,300dittoGermany2900 Euro/continues payments, 2:2 service raster)
Chief engineer Ch.tanker25.10.208 weeks on/8 weeks off4,480 3 years in rankMan B&W AlfaDanish6,033 on + 3,807 off Euro
2nd engineer Ch tanker 09.11.206 weeks on/6 weeks off5,5003 years in rankWartsilaGermany8100 euro
Chief officerCh.tanker28.10.206 weeks on/6 weeks off3,800Germany9720 euro
ABCh.tanker 19.11.2012 weeks on/4 weeks off4,5982 years in rankDanish2,000 euro
ETOChemical tanker27.10.20419,000 32 years in rankSingaporeAs per Matrix
2nd engChemical Tanker18.10.204190002 years in rank Singapore12,0 k

Оpen positionType of the vesselDate of joiningTermsDPAdditional infoType of MEOwnersDay Rates
Chief OfficerOSV12.11.206-8 weeks2required DRC Danish 265 euro
Chief engineerPSV10.11.206-8 weeks 2required DRCDanish395 euro
2nd OfficerOSV25.10.208 weeks 2required DRCDanish175 euro
cook OSV17.11.20 8 weeksDanish125 euro
motorman-electricalOSV28.11.208 weeksDanish110 euro
ABPSV15.11.208 weeksDanish105 euro
AB OSV17.11.208 weeksDanish105 euro

Оpen positionTEUDate of joiningTerms (months)Dwt (mt)Additional infoType of main engOwnersWages
Chief Engineer 385822.10.204previous experiencesMAN B&WGermany8800 USD
2nd Engineer575015.10.204previous experiencesWartsila 10RTA 96CGermany7400 USD
Chief Engineer475020.10.204previous experiencesMan B&W MEGermany7700 EURO
 Chief Engineer570009.11.204previous experiencesWartsila RTA 96CGermany8800 USD
2nd Engineer386820.10.204previous experiencesMan B&W ME Germany7400 USD
2nd Engineer412028.10.20 452300previous experiencesWartsila RT Flex Germany7400 usd
Chief Engineer418018.11.20452300previous experiencesWartsila RT FlexGermany8800 usd
 Chief officer390020.11.204previous experiencesGermany 7400 usd
3rd engineer475012.10.20 4previous experiencesWartsila Rt-FlexGermany3800 usd
3rd engineer386827.10.20 4previous experiencesMan B&W MEGermany3800 usd