The company is working with following type of the ships:

  • Small, Handysize, Lakesize, Handymax, Panamax, Post-Panamax & Cape cize BULK CARRIERS
  • CONTAINER Vessels from 200 TEU to 7000 TEU
  • Oil Tankers
  • VLCC
  • Chemical tankers
  • Heavy Lift Vessels
  • Multy-purpose vessels
  • General cargo vessels
  • Offshore vessels

Why L-Stream Ltd


Crew staff of “L-Stream Ltd” provides reliable and cost effective managing solutions. We hire only qualified employees who strive to work with West European Standards and in mixed crews.


Our expertise and knowledge of the local market allow us to conduct profitable business for our partners and us. We have connections with all of the marine administrations, marine educational institutions and local support businesses.


We have signed contracts with all Ukrainian Merchant Ports in and around Odessa:  Illychevsk, Yuzhniy and Nikolayev which allows us to help your vessels or company avoid costly and unnecessary delays when doing business in this area.


Our office is located centrally in Odessa, which is the center of the shipping industry in Ukraine. Our central location helps in tracking and/or handling any issues or concerns that might arise during transport or journeys.


One specific area in which we specialize is helping you to put together a top notch crew. For the last year, we have many satisfied clients who have been extremely happy with our service across the entire array of possible vessels.


L-Stream”  is managed by a team of highly skilled, experienced and dedicated professionals with many years of shipping background and operational expertise to handle the most complex international shipping operations.


The retention rate for crew and officers’ right from the outset has been one of our main strengths. Generally the rate of 92 per cent for officers and 97 per cent for crew we have maintained  for the past three years.

When it comes to personnel and career decisions it’s a good idea to work with the people you know and trust.

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Our partners

Structure of the company L-Stream Ltd

L-Stream’s mission is to provide the highest quality services to our clients. We aim to meet and exceed our clients needs and expectations, while building strong business relationships and strategic partnerships across the industry. Our services enable our clients to effectively maximise benefit from their assets: ships and people.

An innovative, versatile and reliable company, with a strong sense of corporate and social responsibility, our proud reputation is based on our efficiency, flexibility and integrity.

To aid in this process “L-Stream Ltd”  includes Transco  travel & Aquaservice Ltd  agencies  giving us 24 hour travel solutions to meet the unpredictable demands of the marine sector.

Structure of the company “L-Stream Ltd» Click to see the structure of the company

Our company is nominated filling agents to apply Liberian & Marshal Islands Flag State Documents

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Corporate principles of the company L-Stream

  • We want to be an important partner, making sure that our services provide excellent value.
  • We want to go that extra mile that puts our customers ahead of the competition.
  • Our existence depends on having customers who value our services higher than those of our competitors. We aim to be a key partner for our customers and we want our services to add significant value for them.
  • We believe that being socially responsible is good for business. We want to improve people’s lives. We provide our employees and their families with reliable basement and contribute to the local communities. We also help young people get an education and to secure them a better future.
  • We offer challenging work and excellent career opportunities for our people, and we love what we do. Ultimately, our customers’ success is our success. As long-term partners we work closely with our customers and constantly strive for innovation and improvement.
  • We try to get maximum operational and management details of our client’s fleet to ensure that the right crew boards their vessels and that any additional needs are taken into account.
  • The flexibility to provide every client with an individual solution is one of our most important goals.
  • The permanently accessible database is a close link to crew and vessel and has also become an important tool for the fulfillment of ISM requirements of our clients.