L - S T R E A M ( L S M )

Here Is Some Feedbacks


I have been working in the L-stream since 2009, Leonid Ivanovich took it as a cadet, even when I was studying at the Nautical Academy. After one voyage as a cadet (6 months), I was immediately offered the position of an electrician with German owners. I am now working on ETO container ships with other owners and I am very satisfied. I would especially like to note the attitude and attention of the managers – any questions and requests were resolved as quickly as possible, a very good human attitude, which you will not find in large Danish companies (there was experience). In this crewing there is no policy “give money for landing”, if you are competent with intermediate English – there will be a job for you. In general, I express my deep gratitude to Leonid Ivanovich and managers for the excellent employment for many years. If you are looking for a job, you won’t regret coming.

Boris Politov

I have been working with this crewing company for 7 years. I started as a cadet and work for a German company. There is nothing to say about the supply and attitude towards employees, the Germans … Crewing always works clearly and on time. Only after arriving home, after 2 days, I already know which ship I will go to, and when. Very handy for planning your vacation in advance. No additional fees, bribes and “kickbacks” are required, which in our time is certainly a big plus (I heard a lot of different things from colleagues about different crewing). Well, sending is as simple as possible for me. They called, they said when the flight was, what documents you need to have with you, everything was sent to the e-mail. According to all the necessary documents, visas and other joys of our work – everything turns out without my participation. Clearly, concisely, for those who value their time and a good stable job… and, of course, the normal attitude of the crewing staff x))

Egor Popovich

Since 2018 I have been working at Orion Reederei via L-Stream. Pleasant and friendly atmosphere in the office from reception to management. Managers are always friendly and attentive to requests. There is always a “contact” between the crewing and the sailor while he is at sea. The crews of Orion Reederei are multinational, I consider this a big plus in my work. And also the opportunity to always be in contact with family and loved ones, thanks to the presence of the Internet on board the ship.

Jbraho M.

Excellent crewing. I have been working since 2017. I am pleased with the excellent attitude towards sailors. Crewing provides all services without intermediaries and any kind of fees. For cadets with high academic performance, employment is possible through the practice department of KSMA. Worked on Orion Reederei ships. The company is stable and conscientious. The supply of ships is sufficient. Salaries are competitive and paid without delay. Crew changes are timely even in times of COVID-19. There is a system of bonuses and salary increments. I plan to work with them in the future.

Eugene Omelyanenko

Good crewing. I’ve been with them since 2017 and I’m happy. Pleasant staff, all organizational moments can be carried out by phone and email, no need to constantly travel to Odessa (he is a non-resident). They do not impose a place for passing a medical examination. Everything is official and legal, without any “agency” fees. Salary is always on time, there is career growth. There is a cadet program (for electricians too !!!!!). Their ships, like everywhere else, can also work with supplies.

Alex Ratushniuk

I have been working for L-Stream for 9 years. He came to them as a cadet back in 2011, at the moment he has already become a second engineer. Good career growth in a stable German company. In the office, everything is quite clear and fast, both in matters of preparing documents for departure and issuing visas, as well as details on the flight. The employees in the office are qualified, they will answer and help on any issue as soon as possible, and there will be no moments when you are already standing at the airport and they say to you “we *lying about you forgot.” Leonid Ivanovich is a competent leader, he will orient you on which ship is better to go. There was no hint of a rollback in the office, everything works clearly, calmly and stably. Excellent crewing, I will continue to cooperate with them.

Sergey Ursul